Welcome to Cheyennekimora University!

Hey boss babe! First off I just want you to know how super proud I am of you for taking the steps to further your career. The fact that you’ve decided to invest in yourself, makes my heart so full! Before we begin, I figured I would put together a quick navigation page! So go ahead babe, you deserve it! take a look around, and get familiar because baby girl- We are about to be besties for the next 6 weeks!



As soon as you log into CKU you will be brought to the dashboard, through the dashboard you will pretty much be able to navigate the entire course from daily updates, podcast go ahead boo take a look.


updates bar

This is a guided six week course! so I encourage you to check the updates daily- A discussion may have so much tea that literally removes all of our edges and I want you to be apart of it. In the update section- you will also find different guides, as well as the member page where you can see who else is in this course and links to their brand/ and or their social media profile.



So girl, this isn’t like any of these other course out here! I’m trying to build real connections between other members, and you will find that throughout each of the lessons I open up discussions for you guys to be able to express your views in a judge free zone.

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This is where the real magic happens, 6 in depth lessons, over the course of 6 weeks! By the time you’re done people will be paying you to give them advice!



I’m so excited to offer podcast with each lesson because honestly life moves quickly and sometimes you have to multi- task. So you can be at the gym, or in the car on the way to work! i’m here for you with these podcast girl!

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Ok come on in it’s 2018! who doesn’t love videos. I’m a self- taught designer so whether it be learning a new technique or to gain information- videos are everything!



The Download section is really cool, want to learn how to get an internship in 18mins, or need some advice on which platform to use on your site! then baby girl all that tea is in here.

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I thought the resources link would really be helpful to you from a few connects to fabric stores that I’ve acquired over time to, to links on packaging ideas.