course guide 

Wonder what each will be about? take a look below.



Week 1 : Spirit Prep

This week is considered the ice breaker, we will spend a quarter of this week getting familiar with one another. Discover our strengths and weaknesses, have a lecture and exercise on the power of the mind, and mental exercises to practice daily. 


week 2:bRAND Development/ social media 

You will establish your brand's aesthetic, understand the importance of social media / marketing/advertising, learn how to develop your own website to best sell your products, time management, brand awareness, and insight on maintaining repeat customers.

Social Media-In this class you will learn the in's and out's of social media such as: Increasing followers, turning your followers into customers, proper collaborations, Facebook ads, understanding the insight button, and how to make social media work for your brand.   


week 3: mapping a collection 

In this class, you will learn what it entails putting together a full collection. Art referencing, Pantone selection, garment styles, gain knowledge of fabric/ print selection, building an campaign, and understanding / constructing a proper press release. 


week 4: Sewing 

Beginner Sewing- In this class you will learn the basic home-sewing machine operating skills, pattern layout, fabric cutting, sewing construction, and finishing techniques of a garment. 

Intermediate Sewing- In this class you will learn more about pattern layout, fabric cutting, garment construction, along with taking measurements, to sewing invisible zippers. 


week 5: fashion styling  

You will learn about the following: creating look- books, researching trends, rules of styling. As well as find out how agencies work, how products are sourced for shoots, and the key difference between editorial and advertising work


week 6: creative direction

You will learn how to develop a creative team (photographer/ stylist/ MUA), build photoshoot concepts, art references and the importance of color, learn how to share your vision with your team, finding balance with team, model selection, and manage conflict when on set.