Custom Orders

CheyenneKimora is all about Exclusivity. All of our pieces are limited. All of our denim are one of one, and once it’s sold, there is no chance of it coming back! If you don’t see your size, this may be the best option for you, Our custom orders only require one thing,,,your size and we’ll handle the rest!





All custom order starts at $1,000 USD and requires a non-refundable consultation deposit fee ( percentage of total- which will be applied towards balance)

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Our design philosophy, is that energy is this never-ending flow, and we strive to make our pieces reflect that. Each pieces tells its own story organically - no sketches, no pads, just good vibes, needles, and endless crystals. So if you want a piece in your size… you just got to trust us 🤷🏽‍♀️

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All custom orders are based off the size you select. We are not responsible if your measurements change during the time it takes for your order to be completed.


Turnaround Time

It will take a total of three (3) weeks for custom orders to be completed. There are no exchanges, returns, or refunds on custom items.


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