[lesson one]


o' girl you vibin' high

This week is considered the ice breaker, we will spend a quarter of our time getting familiar with one another. Discover our strengths and weaknesses, have a lecture and exercise on the power of the mind, and mental exercises to practice daily.

Includes: Letures| Podcast| Video| Downloads

[DAY 1:intros]


hey girl hey💕

My name is CheyenneKimora and I am a 27-year-old fashion designer currently based in Los Angeles. As long as I’ve known myself I have lived and breathed everything fashion related. I started my brand right out of high school with no money to my name but the passion of a millionaire, and the hustle of your neighborhood drug dealer. Over the course of ten years I've thrived in Florida, worked alongside fashion industry professionals in New York, and currently pushing my brand here in Los Angeles. My drive has literally brought me to where I am today, and through my countless experiences I’m here to share it with you.


don't be shy.

First lesson up, and I’m dying a little on the inside because I just have so much to tea to tell you and I just want to say it all at once! but, before I begin...introduce yourself! yesss I’m taking it back to when we were kids and had to get up in the front of the class with sweaty palms, and our little hearts beating out of our chest. Girl don't be shy! Introduce yourself.

you had all that [mouth] on the gram.

Please enter Lesson 1: Chat room- and tell us your name, the city you live in, website/ Instagram, what you plan to achieve with CKU, and let’s make it a little interesting ask another member a random question. Don’t forget to respond... lol this should be fun. 

[before we begin]


please understand we are all human [beings]

So, let’s leave that being perfect shit at the door! No matter how hard you try sis being perfect is just not a thing. Trust me, I’ve tried and let me tell you I’ve learned the hard way. I was stressed that nothing was working out how I envisioned and I know for a fact that I stressed everyone else out around me.

strengths v.s weaknesses.

At the end of the day we are all human beings we have our strengths, and yes, we also have our weaknesses! But, the sooner you are you are able to navigate your truths the sooner you are able to reach your goals. The fastest way I discovered my strengths and weaknesses were by jotting them down. By doing so, I discovered that one of my strengths are my ability to have compassion for another human being. I never thought it was cool to laugh at someone just because everyone else was. I never thought it was cool to judge anyone either- instead it made me want to take the time to get to know them. This strength has led me to work with the 'weirdest' of people who were absolutely genius at their craft, and helped excel mine. Through that sheet of paper, I’ve also discovered my weaknesses.  A previous weakness of mine which over time turned into a strength, is actually quite funny-you ready…marketing. As a brand, I felt like I had no idea how to market my products visually, so I took what I perceived as a weakness at the time and worked on it literally everyday- and now! pppssshhh you can't tell me shit about how I market my brand (don’t worry we will get to everything marketing in the next lesson).

Your strengths. your weaknesses. 

Please enter Chat Room 1.2- and tell us three strengths about yourself, and one weakness. I want you to reply to another member's weakness and give them one tip on how they can possibly overcome it. 

Now that we've discovered our strengths, and fellow members have helped us overcome our weaknesses let’s move into this lecture shall we. 

[day 2: lecture]


people often look at me

in amazement like how is it possible that at such a young age, was I able to achieve so much success?! From my gown being worn on the red carpet of the American Music Awards, to having a deskside meeting with Vogue Magazine! honestly, the answer is simple… it’s all about the power of the mind sis. Anyone can be a designer, anyone can be a star athlete, or the best surgeon in their town, but what separates them from everyone else is their mindset… just ask Beyoncé.

This week is chapter one, and it’s the most important chapter that I have to offer because honestly, I can tell you every step that has led me to this point of my life so that you can apply it to your journey-But none of that matters if you don't have your mind together first. This chapter has everything you need to know about how powerful your thoughts are from getting motivated, to manifesting the things you want in your life through the law of attraction. Everything starts with the mind sis, everything is energy. I would say 60% of my day is focused on my thoughts and about 40% of my day is me actually working, because girlllll I swear if I don’t have my mind moving in the right direction these orders will feel never-ending, I would be anxiety ridden, and I would feel like I’m forced to do something I know I genuinely love. If you don’t train your thinking in a positive way, you are setting yourself up discomfort in your life whether you realize it or not. I’m a firm believer that no matter what you are trying to achieve whether it to be to hit the big stage of New York Fashion Week, cross that stage to accept your degree, or kicking your 9-5 to the curb, to start your own venture-  it all begins with your thoughts. 



Fun fact: Your brain is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells which are interconnected by trillions of connections. So, if I lost you there- your thoughts are these tiny specs of light that travel through your brain literally a million miles a minute and are triggered by words or actions.


So, for example, if you hear or see a dog running frantically you are either going to get tense thinking of your own safety, or see it as a dog who may be playing with his or her owner but how you perceive that is by the algorithm of your thinking. Now if your pattern of thinking is always in the negative like some of these dude’s bank accounts lol then more than likely even when you hear great news the algorithm in your mind is going to make you think negatively, and if the algorithm in your mind is programmed to think positively then even in the worst of situations you will see the glass as half full, and honey being a business owner if you don't see the glass half full you will always feel defeated. So, because I wrote this course, I know exactly what your next question is going to be? How do I train my mind to always be positive… but don’t worry sis I got you, let me break a few things down first!



everything is energy

It’s important for you to understand that everything around you holds an energy. From the excitement in your best friend’s voice telling you about her new boo to the chair you are sitting on. In order to understand energy, you have to imagine it as a bolt of lightning trapped in a round translucent sphere that can be transferred to either boost your spirit or drag it down.

In relation to us boss babes, think of the feeling you get you when you’re motivated- palms sweaty, heart pounding, pupils dilated- it’s sort of this instant boost of positivity as if you just acquired some superhero capabilities. Whenever I’m super motivated to sew I completely shut out the world, no iPhone, no conversations, sometimes it’s so deep I don’t even want to hear music (the number one thing I love) and that’s because I don’t want anything to alter my vibe, so I can successfully move through whatever I’m sewing, and when I get motivated to write, I loveeeee being open and receptive to positive conversations because the sensation I feel is like adding fuel to the fire. Now, when I’m vibing low- I experience the complete opposite- I procrastinate on staring an order, I don’t feel like taking any type of pictures, or even putting on makeup! It literally feels gravity is dragging me down, and sometimes I even gravitate towards low vibing people when I'm in that mood which is a huge danger zone because sis energy transfers. Ever been in a great mood, and you get around someone that’s acting like a deebie downer and then it fucks up your mood and now you don’t want to be bothered. Ever experienced feeling down, and someone comes around like a ray of sunshine and suddenly your laughing and smiling? yea its real. 


protect your energy

because baby girl you will be faced with some obstacles beyond your imagination that will really test your faith, and whatever energy you harbor will always win. How I personally protect my energy is keeping my circle small, damn near invisible. Now don't get me wrong I'm cool with hella people because clearly my brand has to grow but when it comes to the core individuals I surround myself with they are like a beam a light feeding the higher parts of who I am.

My core.

When it comes to my brand and my well-being I go to my ace Nigel, who spends as much time as me turning his dreams into a reality. When I’m looking for inspiration and adventure I lean towards my friend Chantell, who constantly reminds me to fucking live my life. When I’m looking for someone to remind me that I am that bitch, I run to my friend Allat who constantly reminds me of who the fuck I am! When I’m looking for balance, and understanding I lean on my mom, because her spirit is patient, and nurturing. When my nerves are literally shot to hell, I go to my sister, Shanelle because I know she will ask me jokingly, if Beyoncé is coming lol which somehow someway puts things in perspective. Idk what I’m going to do the moment Beyoncé is actually on her way lol…My list of core friends goes on and on ( Janet, Devin, Kim)… But anyways, having a positive core, will keep you aligned with yourself- and the moment you start vibing low- somehow your core will peep that, and bring you back to your senses. I honestly, can't think of a time where any of my friends, or my mom has entertained a negative thought especially when it comes to my brand. Also, I want to make this very important point, about the people you keep in your circle:  If they are spending time feeding into EVERY aspect of your thoughts both positive and negative: ask yourself why are you allowing them to feed into your negative energies? Are you looking for a pity party? or do you get defensive when people try to give you a better outlook? No one in your core should be feeding any negativity, and if you are allowing them to- that’s not a friend. That’s someone you call for entertainment. So now I ask you, tell me who are the core people in your life and how do they feed the higher parts of you who you are? 

who holding' you down sis?


Please enter Lesson 1.3: Chat room- and tell us who are the core people in your life that always gives you good vibes and don't feed into any negativity you may experience. Don't have anyone, that’s ok too, let us know. We are all here to grow and learn. If you read another's member's response that reminds you of your core group, reply to them and let them know! 

Your core is so imperative to your growth, and I really want you to dive a little deeper into why these people are so significant in your life, also take the time to rate your life currently from 1-10. We will be revisiting this inventory at the end of week 6.

Click on image to download this printable.

Click on image to download this printable.

day 3: the [break]down

On day two, you discovered that everything is energy, that its transferable, and you can protect your energy based on the core individuals in your life. Ready to a little deeper?


here we go! the universe.

If a kid asks you, what is the universe? I’m pretty sure the short version of your answer would be “everything” and you know what you’re right! The universe is comprised of all living things! Including, billions of galaxies! millions of stars, dust clouds, light and even time. Did that make you feel like your problems are actually significantly small lol …it should.

3.67 billion miles.

Now I promise not to get too deep but just follow me here. Let’s find an example… let’s talk about the earth. Before we had the luxury of calendars or a fancy iPhone, how did we measure time? Done thinking? we relied on the function of day and night. Have you ever wondered how it is possible for us to experience both day and night? Well honey, it’s possible because the earth orbits the sun, and the moon orbits the earth, and If I were you right now. I would be like 1) What in the world does this have to do with my thoughts, and 2) girl, what are you smoking? Lol but, I promise you if you hear me out you will see how your thoughts and the universe work hand in hand. So back to the earth orbiting the sun, and the moon orbiting the earth what binds this cycle? What creates this continuous motion? A gravitational pull from the sun ... The sun is this enormous mass in space, and through its energy, it keeps its neighboring planets and their moons in orbit around it. It’s pull is so strong that even Pluto can feel it’s energy from 3.67 billion miles away. So how does this relate to us…ready to get mind blown. Lol ok I love this part… we are our own walking sun, and our experiences (people, opportunities, and even the money in our bank accounts) are our planets and moons Alexa play…. Goosebumps by Travis Scott


laws of the universe

Ok so now that we’ve discovered that we are our own solar system I want you to hold on to that idea, because we will be revisiting that concept soon, in the meantime let’s talk about the laws of the universe.

Just like the laws we abide by as citizens, the universe has laws…12 to be exact. Once you have an understanding of how these laws are interconnected you will have a stronger sense of who you are, and your goals.

Disclaimer: This has absolutely nothing to do with your religion, and in no way shape or form is to this to alter any ideas or beliefs you may have. This is all about enhancing your spirituality.


Ready to [level] up

1.The Law of Divine Oneness

Everything on this planet is connected, so every choice, word, desire, and belief will have an impact on the world, and on the people in your life.

2. Law of Vibration

Everything carries energy. Including the chair, you’re sitting on. Every particle in the universe is in constant movement whether you realize it or not, and they all carry its own energy frequency (positive energy or negative energy)

3. Law of Correspondence

   As above, so below. Your emotional and mental attitude toward a goal will manifest into your reality.

4. Law of Attraction

Like attracts like. Whatever you put your energy on you attract both good and bad.

5. Law of Inspired Action

  You must actively pursue your goals no matter what. If your passion is to write, write. If your passion is design, design.

6. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

  Everything around us is in constant flux. For example, if you aren’t feeling motivated you can easily change that by being around some who is.

7. The law of Cause of Effect

All actions have a corresponding reaction.

8. The law of Compensation

You get what you give. (I’ll let that sink in)

9. Law of Relativity

No particular person, experience, or action is evaluated as good or bad until you look at in comparison with something else.

10. Law of Polarity

Everything has an opposite, so if something doesn’t work in your favor your best bet is to remind yourself: lesson learned.

11. Law of Rhythm

Everything has a cycle. Example: Seasons, age, life.

12. Law of Gender

   This law has nothing to do with anyone’s gender. Instead, it refers to the fact that there are two different types of energy, you can think of them as masculine and feminine, or ying and yang. We both contain a certain amount of both energies but its all about balance sis.


Each of these laws play into every aspect of your life, and by understanding them and practicing them throughout your daily experiences will keep you aligned with your purpose.  



The law of attraction

This is the part of the lecture that I’ve been waiting for. Out of all the 12 cardinal laws of the universe this is by far the most popular law that I want you to understand. Through this law you can make more money…grow your business… or even collaborate with that one person you’ve had your eye on! and by applying this law to your life you can immediately have the power to get whatever you want.

Magic Trick.

The law of attraction is nothing new to you, you just haven’t realized what it was until now. But listen, I remember as a kid sitting in class watching the longer hand on the clock slowly tick, and I would literally drift into a day dream. I would imagine sitting in the back seat of my mom’s old ford, with my seatbelt snug tight- I would envision my pre-teen hands reaching towards her to grab that small red McDonald’s cardboard box with the gold M shaped handles. I would think of me opening that box with the aroma of greasy lightly salted fries and me biting into it while its piping hot from anticipation.

My greedy ass would literally picture my tongue having a war with the fry as I would navigate the McDonalds box to make sure that my nuggets and sweet and sour sauce were not forgotten. I would envision my mom handing back my sparkling lemon lime sprite with the yellow striped straw as the sun shined through the car. I would visualize how happy and fulfilled I would feel in that moment, all from the comfort of my cold classroom! …and can you believe that somehow some way by the time my mom would pick me up, apologetically she would tell me she was too tired to cook, and if I would like to stop at McDonalds.

These situations were rare, because McDonalds at the time were my obsession and my mom was always against it, AND funny enough we would only make the McDonalds trip only when I was in deep thought about it. Once I realized how I was manifesting the things I wanted I tried it with everything around me from books to toys, and secretly called this my magic trick.

like attracts like.

Ok girl, so the truth is we all create our own reality. We create our own circumstance based on our choices, and those choices are fueled by our thoughts. So, I’m sorry to tell you there is no such thing as luck or a coincidence. The thoughts we think, and what we give our attention to affect how we feel and those feelings give out vibes. So, whatever frequency you are vibing at, is literally what you attract in return. Almost like a magnetic power. So, let’s say you’ve noticed that your sales have decreased. Before you just started creating terrible sales pitches, that generate no income- tap into yourself. Think about your sales expanding and don’t just think it, feel it. Imagine checking your email only to discover that you got a new order(s) what does that feel like? what does that look like? If you want to grow your following, imagine the reasons why people are following you… is it because you make them laugh, or are you relatable? and how does this increase in followers make you feel, imagine… checking your followers and seeing an increase in numbers are you smiling... are you telling your closest friends that your followers have increased tap into that feeling, create the feeling, literally feel that feeling and you will attract the things you want the most. That honey, is the basics of understanding how the law of attraction works.

Here are a few things i’ve attracted through the law of attraction.

ima magnet.

Please enter Lesson 1.4 Chat room- It looks like you have a clear understanding by how it all this works. Your thoughts create your reality through the law of attraction. Can you name a time where the law of attraction worked in your favor? Sound off in the chat.  

Now that we understand that in order to get the things we most want, let me finally answer the question you’ve been dying to know!

day 4: [how to]


train your thoughts

There are multiple ways to train your thoughts- for some people it will be surprisingly easy, for others who move in and out of their feelings, might find it a little bit more challenging. But either way, with practice you will get it, and in no time, you will be able to manifest the things you desire most.

If you are anything like the old me, your mind runs a million miles a minute… like I’m pretty sure me and my poodle once shared the same attention span lol, but through meditation I got an understanding to basically chill the fuck out. Once I slowed down a bit I became more introverted because I spent a lot of time analyzing the algorithm of my thinking… like for example- If I received an email from a customer, before I even opened it- was I expecting an email telling me how much they loved their custom piece, or was I already anticipating the worst before I even opened up the email. I’m not going to lie before practicing meditation- if I received an email- 90% of the time, it felt like the world stopped, and I was expecting to hear the worse. But, through meditation my world changed.



Meditation is a means of transforming the mind, and through meditation your mind becomes calmer and girl way more focused. The way that I meditate is by finding a quiet place, silence my phone, get comfortable- either with my hands placed on my stomach or side. Close my eyes. and focus my breathing.

As simple as it sounds it’s actually super challenging, if your mind is all over the place. But, you can fix that that! just breathe and concentrate on counting backwards from 100 to zero- lol trust me it takes some concentration but you got this. I advise doing this once a day, especially if somebody test your Gandhi lol girl you will be pissed as hell counting backwards from 100 but I swear it will calm you down lol. The second step of meditation works hand in hand with the law of attraction- Say that you want a certain person to wear or use your products- simple meditate on it- imagine them wearing your piece, how it fits, their expression… their demeanor while wearing your product…do they turn into Beyoncé, or do they feel as fluid as Jhené Aiko? Meditate, and feel that shit. There is soooooo much more to meditation. If you are really interested on seeing where meditation can bring you spiritually, then boo I got you. Just let me know.



throw it out into the universe.

Girl don’t act like you don't know. I’ve told you about the universe its only up to you- to use its power. I cannot stress this enough. You can have whatever you want in this lifetime, as long as you believe, and place action behind it. When I moved out to LA, the opportunity literally fell into my lap.

My core friend Nigel and I came out to Los Angeles exactly three years ago, and I instantly fell in love with this place from the rugged mountains, to cruising along the pacific highway I’ve never seen a place so beautiful. What really placed things into perspective for me- was the fact that I’ve lived in both New York and Florida, and I found California to be the perfect in between. Fast forward, years later (March 2018) Nigel had the guts to pack up two suitcases, shipped his car- without even knowing where he was going to rest his head ( I know girl extremely brave)… me on the other hand wasn’t so brave because I had gotten extremely comfortable… Car almost paid off, living in a beautiful two bedroom apartment and at the time I wasn't willing to give up my comfort zone… but, While in Los Angeles in April, somehow I gathered enough balls to put it out into the universe that I would soon call LA home. I can literally remember the conversation like it was yesterday. I was talking to my friend Chantell like I don’t know how I’m going to do it- I will pay rent in two places if I have too but somehow someway by the end of August/ Early September. I will move out here. Girl. when I tell you that’s literally all I said… got my ass back on a flight to Orlando and continued working…three month later, through helping Nigel land job with a huge brand… he was able to get situated in a bomb ass apartment by the end of AUGUST in the center of Los Angeles and invited me to be his roommate free of charge so I can pursue my goals out here. I moved to LA the beginning of SEPTEMBER (girl, the universe got me shook.)


#3 think and grow rich

I’m sure you were just as shook as me with that last paragraph hell as I type i’m still in shock that I actually live in Los Angeles. The craziest part about it all is that I moved exactly when I said I would…. end of August/ Early September…So how did that happen…well let me get into that for a bit.

I learned about the importance of placing a date on your goals through self-help author Napoleon Hill. He was born in 1883, and is known for his most famous book Think and Grow Rich. In the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill Speaks on the knowledge he acquired while working under steel giant, Andrew Carnegie! Now the crazy part about this is that- we always throw our desires into the universe. (ex…Oh I want those Balenciaga Runners) but, how often do you put a time line on to when to expect the things to come into fruition?

So, pull out a sheet of paper, and give it a try.

Click to Download Printable

Click to Download Printable

Important: When I spoke with my friend Chantell that day, I didn’t obsess over what i’ve asked the universe for I said it with intention, without a doubt in my mind and just let it go… There is no need to obsess over the things you ask for- because as humans especially in the age of social media. We think everything is a swipe away… so we think that as soon as we say something that we want, and it doesn’t happen when we expect it too- then the frustration and doubt kicks in and what you don’t realize is that you are actually reversing what you’ve just asked for. So again- ask for what you want in the humblest but confident of forms- and sincerely chill the fuck out.


Please enter Lesson 1.5 Chat room- Ok so i’ve put you up on game on how to train your thoughts which method worked for you the best, and in what way did it work? Let us know.

day 5: let’s [talk]


girl, learn to shut up!

Now that you’ve learned to train your thoughts. I have to be honest, you have to learn to shut the hell up! We live in a time where our ego’s often get the best of us. So, the moment someone ask us “Hey girl, what you been up to?” We feel obligated to spill the beans, just to prove we are doing something productive with our lives.

But leave that ego shit aloneeeee! give them a customer service ass answer and keep it pushing especially if they aren’t one of the people in your core group. Imagine your super excited about starting a new blog, anxious of the idea of getting a new car, hype af about starting a YouTube page- in those moments of excitement you are vibing so high you are ready to let it all out. But remember, everything is energy! So telling your next move prematurely is the worst thing you can do to yourself! so say you tell me that you want to become a social media influencer, and I instantly doubt you by saying something like “broooo, your bugging you don’t even like cameras, I can’t see you doing that”. boom. Just like that my hating ass energy gets released into the universe then it becomes that much harder for you to achieve your goals.

Until you have your ducks in a row- meaning you’ve had enough prep talks to build your confidence about your new venture, and you’ve done enough research where you are ready to full take on what comes with your new venture- that’s when I say- you can run your mouth only to your core (because remember they are only feeding into the higher parts of who you are).


morning routine

The first hour of the day I feel we are the most vulnerable to bullshit, so how you move into your day is extremely important. The first hour of my day I don’t like speaking with anyone, I don’t turn on the TV, or even check my phone.

The first hour I don’t like speaking with anyone because I feel like it gives the person the opportunity to project their feelings of the day onto me. So, because energy transfers- if they are already over their day before it even begins, I’m going to be equally over it. I do not turn on the TV because I don’t want to get a glimpse of the depressing ass news, or anything ratchet (media is a huge influence on how we think) Also I don’t check my phone for those same reasons. Now, i’ve trained myself to get to this level, and you can too but before I put you on…

let it all out

Please enter Lesson 1.6 Chat room- and let us know your current morning routine, whatever it maybe. ( Don’t worry this a judge free zone, there is a part two to this question)



Are everything, they are a sweet ass reminder that you are that bitch! I’ve used them to increase my sales, train my thoughts, and what’s fire about them is that you can customize them towards anything you are battling subconsciously..

I’ve printed these out before, placed them on post its, set them as a screen saver in my phone. Read them first thing in the morning- and they will place things into perspective. Here are my top 25 affirmations below.

Image-1-6 2.jpg

gratitude list

You can be grateful for that you were able to breathe this morning, or grateful for that one stranger who held the door open for you yesterday. The act of being grateful helps you recognize any and everything around you. Once you can learn to be grateful for the positive things happening around you-the more receptive you are to receiving and welcoming blessings.

You should create a gratitude list every single day, either in the morning or night. I’ve tried both and find at night it makes me grateful for the day I’ve had whether good or bad- and helps me wake up in a good spirit. I’ve also tried it in the morning and its a great way to be optimistic about the day. So, to make life easy

I’ve created a sheet below called Good Vibes: You should do this once a day, and tell us if it helped you move through your day.

Click to download printable

Click to download printable

Give it a try.

So I want you to spend the first hour of the next day disconnected from the world- if an hour is too long for you try 30 mins. But no TV, no phone (only if you need to check the time) and spend your time listening to whatever places you in a good mood (Jazz Music, meditation music…you name it) and fill out the “ Good Vibes” Printable above- after that hour is done you can go through your day how you typically would.

Let it all out

Please enter Lesson 1.6 Chat room- and let us know how your day went trying out the new morning routine. Did less things bother you? were you more optimistic, or you didn’t feel a difference. Go ahead let u know.


congrats you completed the first lesson.

I’m so proud of you! you did it! You completed the first lesson of this six- week course! I know I dropped a lot of information and gave you some stuff to incorporate in your everyday life. Baby girl you are on your way! Now that we got your mental together are you ready for Lesson 2.