[lesson six]


last and final lesson

You will learn how to develop a creative team (photographer/ stylist/ MUA), build photoshoot concepts, art references and the importance of color, learn how to share your vision with your team, finding balance with team, model selection, and manage conflict when on set.

Includes: Letures| Podcast| Video| Downloads

[DAY 1:creative direction]



Girl I cannot believe this is seriously our last week together! Where did the time go?! I’m honestly really sad that this is our last week so i’m about to go off in this lessons sis! I just hope you are over there applying all of these techniques and using your affirmations to seriously level up your game.

Now that i’ve wiped away my tears! lets keep it pushing. This week, everything that i’ve been preaching from day one will fall into perspective for you! So hopefully you take the time and apply the things you acquired throughout this course to your personal journey!


tap in.

People in our position think “Damn I have a dope concept that I would love to execute, but that would mean I would have to pay everybody and their daddy just to bring my vision to life”… and thats what often stops people from moving forward 9 of 10 times. But, the reality is sis just look around you… and know that what you have in front of you in enough.

All you need starting out is people that are as dedicated to making their dreams a reality as much as you are. So get off that one MUA page who has 70K followers… yes its stupid to pay for a photoshoot with that one photographer, because you can put that money into better packaging for your product that you've been slaving over for the past few months. Get off of social media and tap into reality.



When I began sewing I really relied on my friends and whatever moments they captured while wearing my pieces to display on my instagram. So my beginnings didn’t consist of elaborate photoshoots, and thought provoking look books. It was all so simple. Get my pieces on everyone I know… and just repost. But, as I grew I discovered people that were in the same city as me, or even went to the same high school as me who’s passion aligned with my craftsmanship.

don’t believe me.

Check out my very humble beginnings below. No fancy cameras. No MUA. No photographer. Just my friends, looking confident in their custom CheyenneKimora pieces.

There is a level of authenticity to these images. It shows my growth, the confidence it gave my friends, and it really set the foundation of my brand. People often think that they need all the fancyness to make them official and girl i’m telling you that isn’t true. Consumers aren’t stupid, when they buy like I told you before they are buying off of feeling- they either love your story, love your growth, or can say I remember when this girl… thats what you want. So if your journey looks a lot like the images above don’t beat yourself up this is your journey… refining your brand will come in due time.


That simple

The shift of me refining my brand came oooo so naturally! It came at a point where I was just so hungry and curious of what was to come next that I wasn’t scared to fail, in my mind if I was trying something new… If it worked it worked, if I didn't oo well- I will just readjust and keep pushing. It’s really that simple.


I really owe my humble beginnings to my sister Shanelle, around the time my name started getting out there, she was dabbling with the idea of photography… I don’t know much about a camera’s function besides the idea that I can have some fire ass pics… so when ever she called me up to be her muse, I was for it because it was a way for her to gain experience in something she genuinely loved and it was a chance for my work to be captured so why not right! #collab.

It compares nothing to work that I display now, but I don’t know why these photos will always warm up my soul. Looking at them now, they were very ameteur but at the time you couldn’t tell me shit. We hung a white sheet on the wall of my extremely tiny first apartment, and went to work- this shoot taught me that I can use the people and the things around me including a white sheet to get the task done.

with a bit of editing check out how they came out, now to bad for my major first shot. lol


One thing I must say is that growing up I was a very mischevious kid, I would always gravitate towards the kids that were different, the kids that asked questions, and jumped when they weren’t suppose to. I never cared for the boring kids- and it’s funny how that plays out to this day. All of my friends including the ones outside of my core group, have this level of go gettin’ that I just fuck with. Well, a group of my friends one year decided to put on a styling competition, and asked if I could participate… I remember laughing like bro, I make clothes i’m not a stylist but they weren’t taking no for an answer so I did my typical approach of well if it works it works, if it doesn’t oo well I don't have anything to lose. Funny enough, at the time I didn’t even know that the universe was placing me exactly where I needed to be… because there I was a designer in a room full of stylist. lol like helllooooo… I knew I had no chance of winning, but I knew it would be a great opportunity to network.


my friend @styledbybnicole

Through that competition I got to meet one of the most dedicated people I know to their craft. @styledbybnciole. She is a Freelance fashion stylist and currently the owner of the boutique Esssie’s place.


Meeting Brandi that day at that lil’ old styling competition was really a blessing in disguise. Brandi really educated me on what a photoshoot is suppose to consist of and its function… because honestly I had no clue. Shortly after meeting her, she hit me up like hey I have a photographer, and we plan on shooting this model and would love to pull one of your pieces. In my mind all I heard was photographer…model… pull. I had nothing to lose and again i’m naturally very supportive of people following their dreams so I was like hell yea girl swing by pick up whatever you want. After she selected her dress and picked it up…. I honestly forgot about the dress, and even the idea that I gave it to her. At the time I was just so busy eating up every possible opportunity that a bitch was on goooo ok lol. Then one random ass day a few week later she hit me up thanking me for the pull and sent me this.

Photographer @nigelelli0tt Model:@yasmeen_kearra stylist: @styledbybnicole

I was shook! I can literally remember how much of trance I was in looking at these photos for the first time, hell looking at them know I cannot believe I made this in 2014. Just stunning, and it high key- shit on everything I was doing. It made me think of so many things like… shooting more often… leveling up my brand’s presence…I was just sooooo shook! I can’t even describe the feeling. I called her instantly like “girl… listen I know how to make clothes I don’t know shit about anything else… you, your photographer and I need to be a team asap” lol now thinking about I don’t even think I asked I told her- we are all working together from now on lol.

[day 2: team bihh]


how to start a team?

I always get asked this question, and honestly its really simple. Use your eyes and look around you. If you have a passion to make clothes, bags or shoes or whatever it may be… imagine how many people around you have a craft that may align with yours, but like you.. may not know where to start, or can’t afford to pay them…collaborate.

power of collaborations.

Find people who are serious about their craft in your area.

Find people who are serious about their craft in your area.

Find people who are serious about their craft in your area.

Was that clear? because i’m being dead ass serious. Find people who are serious about their craft in your area. my god, I wish I can scream that to you right now! I don’t care if it’s your little brother… someone you went to high school with… or your neighbor. If they have a talent that align’s with yours and they are very serious about growing with their craft… collaborate with them!!! And i’m not talking about just one time or every blue moon your goal is to create a team with them right? So create that vibe, be the coach get people hype about their craft, get them excited about the idea of you helping them build their portfolio, stress to them the importance of consistency, and once everyone is on board. Stay in your lane.

The moment @styledbybnicole sent me those images, I knew instantly that if we kept that same energy consistently we would all be able to all learn and grow from one another… and years later we are all still in contact. @styledbybnicole relocated, and I then began to style my own shoots which are still shot by Nigel.



Now I know your next question, may go a little something like this… “But, Cheyenne… Don’t I have to pay these people?” … girl NOOOOO!!! I say no because these collaborations are meant to benefit of all of you guys so why would you have to pay them, to give them a platform to display their work… now when money start rolling in that’s a different story. But, for now the answer is no.


reaching out.

If you know someone has a talent that would be a great asset to your brand, more than likely i’m sure this person works a full time job, and is sleeping on their talent- so when it comes to you reaching out your approach should be from a coach or hype man’s perspective pushing the idea that it would be a great way for them to build their portfolio. If that doesn’t convince them tell them who else has joined your power team.



When everyone agreed to collaborate I’ve never felt so grateful.. They were both so talented and I honestly felt so honored that they thought that my work was good enough to work with for free. So for me I paid them with with my loyalty. No matter how many photographers contacted me asking to shoot my p

When Brandi and Nigel agreed to collaborate I’ve never felt so grateful. I mean, they are so talented and I honestly felt so honored that they were willing to collaborate with me for free. So for me, I decided to pay them with my loyalty and I think they appreciated it. No matter how many times I got contacted by other stylist and photographers I always declined. Of course, it shows how much I appreciated the both of them but it also helped us put out consistent work.



By us constantly putting out consistent work we got to a point where people began recognizing our work. People were able to see a picture of a dress and know that Nigel took the photo, people would see the styling and know Brandi was behind it. Our work began to speak.

[photoshoot concept]



Ok so now that you got your team in place, its time to get into action! Even though the shoot may be wrapped around your brand! remember this is your team and everyone is held responsible for letting their talents shine. So its very important that every one including you stays in their lane.

Stay in your lane.

You have to know your position. This is your brand, you keep everyone on the same page, you respectfully explain your direction, and like a test everyone studies their task and execute in the best way possible. Before we would shoot we usually link up so I can explain the collection that we are about to capture. I address what inspired the collection, the feelings its suppose to evoke, and overall vibe I’m aiming for. We usually spend hours developing a concept that matches the tone and continues to tell the story of my brand, we then go to work and create a mood board with tons of images that breaks down every aspect of the shoot.

The mood board breaks images down into these categories.




setting the tone for the shoot mainly depends on you. Find images to best describe to your team what you are trying to create.



This task mainly falls on the photographer but find images that best describe the lighting of the shoot. Are you guys using natural light? having fun with lights in a studio? want the images to have certain filter that matches the tone of the shoot, through it all on this board.



Collectively find images that best capture the angles you would like your photographer to catch… high low? full body? Tumblr vibes



Bold eye? Bold lip? cat eyeliner? bronzed goddess? tell your makeup artist what you are trying to achieve.



Same applies to hair collectively find images that best show what style you guys are going for.



This category is usually the task of the stylist. Create a collection of images that best explain the style aim you are going for with the shoot.

Basically through this mood board you are finding images that best describe what you guys are trying to capture without the use of words!

[day 3: things you’ve heard before]


art refrences

I’m not going to get too deep with this because it ties into many of the points we’ve already discussed throughout this course You can us art referencing to help you set the tone of your shoot.. and you can even use a piece of art as a reference to whatever you and your team are trying to create… the sky is literally the limit.



when it comes to color, consider selecting a model who’s skin tone complements the colors in your collection. Also consider the colors in the location you are shooting at as well. Will the background wash out the model, or is it going to add to their beauty. Also, when shooting against a white background- refrain from placing the model in white clothing its going to completely block out her body.(unless its a shop page photo)



share your vision

Have you ever heard of the saying… it’s not what you said, its how you said it?


stay in your lane.

Let’s talk about finding balance within your team, because this is how to really make your team successful.




Your vision does not mean settle for just any model. Your vision is your vision hear me out though…




so now that everyone is getting a little cozy with one another, this is where things can get a little rocky. Here is how to resolve conflicts in the workplace.



babe! This isn’t the end, but instead the very beginning of your journey. Over the past 6- weeks not only did you grow but you’ve helped me place my knowledge into perspective and I truly appreciate it. I hope you take the time to go over these lesson’s again and again and apply them to your brand. Let’s stay in contact please enter lesson 6 chat room and tell us your feedback on the course.

*btw the sewing lesson is on its way! FINALLY!!!!