Creative Director: CheyenneKimora


Right before her high school graduation in 2008 self-taught designer CheyenneKimora successfully registered her brand in hopes of becoming a high-end designer specializing in handmade limited pieces. Ten years later, she is her own powerhouse sending designs out all over the world. Kimora embraces a woman’s curves and constantly tows the line between sensuality and femininity through each of her intricate designs. Each CheyenenKimora piece is handmade with delicate craftsmanship, and exclusivity. Kimora believes in the value of limited pieces, as they move from the notion of clothing to art that can be archived in her clienteles’ closet for years. Through this belief, the house of CheyenneKimora has strict guidelines of each design only being made up to five (5) times, and once it’s sold, there is no chance of it coming back.

Cheyenne Kimora