Open Letter. 

I never really had the chance to understand the concept of Father's Day or even the idea of having an active father in my life.  My parents were married for 25 years and unfortunately, I only got to witness the tail end of their relationship. So the idea of understanding what a working relationship looked like or being able to call my dad my best friend - was an opportunity that was never granted to me.

In the eight years I did get to spend with him (from birth- eight years old), at the time, little did I know he was only preparing me for my future. To put it simply, He introduced me to creativity- he was the first person I saw carry around a camera capturing moments so they were never forgotten, he was the first person to bring me to a fabric store and introduced me to pearl paints, he was the first person I saw sit behind a sewing machine turning flat fabrics into silhouettes, he was the first person I ever saw soften leather to use for shoes, and handbags, he was the first person I saw own his own retail space in New York City, and in later years his own print shop (silk screen).

Maybe, my love for creativity was a way to keep memories of my dad close to my heart- something no one can take away. Now that I'm older, I realize that I am my father's child, and the things he instilled in me whether it was intentional or not,  I am forever grateful.




Cheyenne Kimora