For memorial weekend, people typically grab the hotdogs, and sweat out by the grill but this memorial weekend I sweated it out in Sin City, and boy was it sinful- Oh yea, in CheyenneKimora of course lol. My weekend began on Friday, and I dragged my ass to the airport on Monday. I didn't go alone, I was actually there to celebrate my friend Allat's dirty 30 birthday with my sister Kennaisha. Lets call it OUR worst behavior! So I decided to put together a Giphy synopsis of our Henny-thing can happen weekend... shall we...


Friday night, after the longest journey ever to the west, thanks to Southwest screwing up our flight ( 10 hours to be exact)- you would think our mood would be: middle fingers to the ceiling. But, Nope! Wide eyed and bushy tailed we were FUCKING LIT


 We checked into the Aria Las Vegas and lets just say this is how you Vegas...


So we had to celebrate the right way, Hennessy and twerk how bout dat'

After these moments, of cheering to the good life, and putting room temp Hennesy to our heads the rest of the night was a blur- Something about good ass fries, $6 bottles of Fiji water, and checking out the casino floor (a.k.a daddies). 



We woke up on beat, ready to conquer the day! let me see you and your friends try to perfect this snap lol 

Henny to the head, early in the day, sporting CheyenneKimora of course! 

Shortly after this your girl threw up her whole breakfast it looked something like this...


But, its ok where do you go to revive your soul!? the spa baby! It was filled with nothing but meditation rooms, and heated stone beds- let me just tell you, I blacked out on that stone bed you would of thought I was laying on 5,000 count sheets lol. 


Anticipating her arrival, Kennaisha hasn't been on a plane since the age of 4! Single mom, and working her ass off daily she needed this short vacay! and lets just say she brought all her African ancestors with her-- From the moment she arrived to the moment she got back in her uber, our trip was on Henny & Redbull- because the energy was real! 

Celebrating our baby Allat's Dirty 30, the tribe was reunited! 


Your girl got fine, in a new CheyenneKimora Lingerie Midi dress, which is available exclusively on the shop page, Ladies this is literally the perfect birthday dress. I broke necks, turned heads, got stopped a million times, left a trail of glitter everywhere- and felt sexy every step of the way! 


After the endless selfies we called us an uber and dashed across the city to eat on the 106th floor of a rotating resturant by the name of "Top of the World," located in the "Stratosphere  Hotel"  and lets just say it was absolutely breathtaking. If you ever take a trip to Vegas and looking for a sight to remember this place is a must!


Sunday morning, we awoke to Kennaisha wishing us farewell (yup, she only was able to stay for one night) . I walked her down to the lobby in the makeup I attempted to wipe off the the night before looking like...

and wished her a safe flight.... Once I got back upstairs I tried to get some rest but I had to wish my bae Allat a happy bday! because it was officially here before we knew it we were popping champagne courtesy of our boo syndey (sending Champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries to Alla for  her bday!) it was such a nice surprise! 

After downing strawberries we sang countless songs as we got ready, our day went a little something like this...

The casino showed us no love!


Later that night we decided to celebrate Allat's bday with another dinner this time at Prime, at the Bellagio Hotel (a.k.a fancy af)

I wish I saved the videos of the view we took in while eating dinner...lets just say we felt like 

our mood between dinner and getting back to the hotel ...


Our trip was amazing! And even though we left Vegas so beat up and tired, If I had to replay this trip I would in an heartbeat. The point of this post wasn't to gloat, or even sell you CheyenneKimora pieces, the point was to remind you the importance of living, with the people you love! Life is the one thing that is always fleeting, so work hard of course, but always remember to celebrate life 🌹

Cheyenne Kimora