1. Before fashion, I was going to school for aerospace engineering 🚀

2. My YouTube page has over 100,000 views… I KNOW SAY WHHHAATTT

3. In 2014, I made Christina Milian red carpet dress for the American Music Awards. Exciting AF!

4. I’m obsessed with museums, and art galleries, like are you really surprised lol.

5. I'm fake girly- I'm really such a tomboy.


7. I'm a Pisces. (Right, very complicated)

8.I have a poodle by the name of Coco (He is a boy)

9. I'm originally from Brooklyn, but I lived in florida for so long I rep that 407 

10. Life goals: to travel, and grow old with that special someone. 

11. I'm currently, in college for art history…go figure.

12. If you catch me out and about- I'm super low key.

13. I am obsessed with documentaries- anything that depicts history- nneeerrrdddddddd

14. I am a night owl, the most peaceful time of the day. 

15. I love makeup, who doesn’t though.

16. If I wasn't into fashion, I would work for a publication, or be a curator. 

17. I love Mo-town music- fucking vibes.

18. I low- key hate hearing peoples problems, it stresses me out. lol.

19. I once worked a job, the shift was 2pm-10pm. I fucking hated that job. 

20. Favorite quote: " No matter where you are, there you are" deep right?

21. I've made over 400 orders and couting. Boss bitccchhh. 

22. I do curse a lot, maybe its the New Yorker in me. 

23.  Akward people make me nervous. Their minds are so complex.

24. I have two nieces. 

25.  California is really my happy place. 



Cheyenne Kimora