1. I listen to XX on Pandora, when I'm in work mode.

2. If you catch me in the street, I'm usually wearing sweats. 

3. My YouTube page has over 100,000 views… I KNOW SAY WHHHAATTT

4. Before fashion, I was going to school for aerospace engineering 🚀

5. I'm fake girly- I'm really such a tomboy.

6. I get my nails done in gel- so I won't bite them (I blame it on anxiety)

7. I'm great with percentages. Screaming discounts! 

8. I'm a horrible writer, but I'm working on it

9. My favorite area in Brooklyn is Williamsburg.

10. Life goals: to travel, and grow old with that special someone. 

11. I'm a Pisces. (Right, very complicated)

12. My nerves are typical a wreck prior to shipping out a custom dress ( please fit)

13. It’s really hard for me to say no, I'm a people pleaser.

14. Im originally from Brooklyn, but I lived in florida for so long I rep that 407 

15. Im currently, in college for art history…go figure.

16. If you catch me out and about- I'm super low key.

17. I love makeup, who doesn’t though.

18. I’m obsessed with museums, and art galleries.

19. My timing with dudes are terrible.


21. I have a poodle by the name of Coco (He is a boy)

22. I once made a dress for the Christina Milian for the red carpet of the AMA's.

23.  I am obsessed with documentaries- anything that depicts history- nneeerrrdddddddd

24. I am a night owl, the most peaceful time of the day.

25.  I once stayed in California for two weeks- talk about a great time



Cheyenne Kimora