"Work in the fields?... Senator- I'm a house Nigger."

June 2nd,  This was pretty much Black Twitters reaction to Bill Maher and his use of the N- word, while the HBO audience clapped in laughter. Meanwhile,  all I can think of is someone please get this white man off of the stage because this is going to get ugly. In order to understand the joke you have to know who Bill Maher is- Comedian, political commentator, and host of HBO political talk show 'Real Time with Bill Maher" he confronts many politicians, mainly Republicans... LIVE.

Accepted amongst many for his rouge comebacks he sat down with Republican Senator Ben Sasse, on Friday night. Sasse, awkwardly invited Maher to 'work on the field'- field being a term many politicians use- and Maher found that as a way to insert his joke..."Work in the fields?...Senator- I'm a house Nigger." Now now, everybody calm down... I personally lived for this moment, because of the awkwardness the statement invoked, it shed a light on internal issues in American culture like racism. But what made this moment so great is that it was from one white man to another white man. Let's think about this... If this was a black man who made this statement- white people would say "Here they go again...can't we get passed slavery... is this apart of Black Lives Matter" but the fact that this statement was from a white man changed the whole game! 

So basically Senator Sasse was slapped on tv by his own people, and I enjoyed every moment of it. 

Cheyenne Kimora