From draping fabrics around my pre- teen body, to watching runway shows while waiting for the school bus, I knew from a very young age that I was destined to become a fashion designer. In 2008, the same year I graduated high school, I started my brand CheyenneKimora, and nine years later it is a thriving business with customers all over the world. CheyenneKimora is brand that is 'Handmade for the self-made' catering to all the boss woman out there who have made a way out of no way! Besides my family, who has given me support from day one I didn't have anyone to show me 'how to sew' or 'how to run a business' i've learned from my triumphs, as well as my downfalls.  And I'm so excited to be able to create a platform where I can share my knowledge with you... Welcome to CheyenneKimora University. 





 july 2017

5 sessions- for adults 18+ In this class you will learn the basic home-sewing machine operating skills, pattern layout, fabric cutting, sewing construction, and finishing techniques of a garment. 



 july 2017

5 sessions- for adults 18+ In this class you will learn more about pattern layout, fabric cutting, garment construction, along with taking measurements, to sewing invisible zippers. Must meet requirements.



 JULY 2017

5 sessions- for adults 18+ In this class you will learn the fundamental rules of draping on the dress form. Creating basic patterns for a bodice, skirt and dress. Must meet requirements prior to joining. 



Fashion styling

 JULY 2017

5 sessions- You will hear from industry experts on a range of related subjects such as creating look- books, researching trends, rules of styling. As well as find out how agencies work, how products are sourced for shoots, and the key difference between editorial and advertising work.


brand development

 JULY 2017

5 sessions- You will establish your brand's aesthetic, understand the importance of social media / marketing/advertising, learn how to develop your own website to best sell your products, time management, brand awareness, and insight on maintaining repeat customers.


creative direction

 JULY 2017

5 sessions- You will learn how to develop a creative team (photographer/ stylist/ MUA), build photoshoot concepts, art references and the importance of color, learn how to share your vision with your team, finding balance with team, model selection, and manage conflict when on set.



Social media

JULY 2017

5 sessions- In this class you will learn the in's and out's of social media such as: Increasing followers, turning your followers into customers, proper collaborations, Facebook ads, understanding the insight button, and how to make social media work for your brand.   

mapping a collection 

 JULY 2017

5 sessions- In this class, you will learn what it entails putting together a full collection. Art referencing, Pantone selection, garment styles, gain knowledge of fabric/ print selection, building an campaign, and understanding / constructing a proper press release. 


july soon 

1 hours- - Are you in the works of creating a small fashion brand? need some direction? Well bring your list of questions, and lets go through them one by one. You have a two hour sit down with me, so make sure you use this time to pick my brain.