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Handmade swim, for the self-made girl.


Luxe Swim

The CheyenneKimora Luxe Swim is a vacation must have. It is embellished with a glitter print, and are double lined for comfort. #handmade



ck swim

The CK Swim collection, is made for any occasion- the pool, beach, or baecation! They are handmade for the girl on the go who dares to be sexy! 

which #ckbabe are you?


with friends

You and your friends are some hard workers, and by the time the weekend roles around you guys are ready to relax and talk hella shit lol #bestfriendsgoals


on vacation

Girl it's your birthday and you are thinking Vegas! oo or somewhere foreign like Bali or Dubai... anyways do it big girl you deserve it. 


with bae 

Finally quality time with bae! no txts, no calls, no distractions. Just some much needed one on one time make their jaw drop that is lol 


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