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The chat rooms are a great perk to CheyenneKimora University because I really wanted to create a space not only for you to grow, but to also be able to connect with other members. While testing out the CKU Chat Room, I was honestly so confused on how you guys were going to be able to post. The first thing I said was i'm going to have to create a guide for this lol, but I promise its actually way easier than it appears so read below to find out how:


three easy steps 

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Step 1

Ok babe, each lesson has an attached chat room this way you can keep in constant communication with fellow members. so don't be shy! If you have a question, want to keep the conversation going, or want to talk about how the lesson related to the coffee you just sipped... then sound off click the comment botton! 

Step 2

Girl, thats how you feel well say it with your chest! But, just remember to play nice with fellow members or you will get blockeeeeedddddd* No question is a dumb question, and we are all about helping uplift each other! Also, Please don't post any personal info unless its something that can be found on your business card. What you waiting for...post your comment!

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step 3: soooooo important!

Ok so this is what had me looking crazy too. when you click "Post Comment" for the first time, this screen will appear. please log in wih either Facebook| Google| or Twitter- By logging in you will always be able to post a comment, without having to see this screen ever again. Another perk of logging in, is that all members will be able to see your name, and avatar! I know so cute right... very Ig -anyways, we are waiting to answer your question, hurry and log in. 


interact with comments

Did a member post something that caught your attention? Go ahead dont be scared girl! We are all here to learn, grow, and connect go ahead and press the arrow to reply.

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Show some love

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ooo hell no they didn't?!

Read something inappropriate from another member?or see spam enter our community? go ahead and flag it sis... I got you.

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Just so I know, you get how it all works!

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I plan to grow, and connect with other members by using the CKU Chat Room. I will be mindful of the content I’m posting, and how it can affect others.