Bonus Lesson💕

I know you didn't think I would just leave you hanging! After Lesson 6, i’m not going to lie- I was a little sad. I felt like I really connected with each of you boss babes, I began to think of all the typos I made lol and if I gave you guys enough resources, and if the course was actually helpful…Then I began to think of all the things I didn’t include in the course, and it hit me! give them an extra lesson!!!

Includes: Letures

let’s do this textbook style.



1. Instagram Bio

2.Personal vs Business page

3. Pitching to potential influencers

4. How much should I charge

5. Update since the last time we linked


I honestly wish I had an entire lesson on Instagram, because it is such a lucrative platform, especially when used correctly. Believe it or not before a potential new followers hits that follow button or even sees your content their first impression of you is your bio… and first impressions are everything. So let’s take a look at my bio.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 5.41.06 PM.png


I’m into numbers so this is hella important to me. Your numbers need to appear as if you are unbothered, and casually cool even on your worst day.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.48.51 PM.png

the rules:

1. We aren’t looking for followers, followers are looking for us.

Make sure that the number of people you are following are less than your number of followers. Personally, when I come across a cool profile and they are only following a few people it makes me wonder what would make me cool enough for them to follow me

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.53.09 PM.png

2. We aren’t here for anyone’s entertainment.

Please make sure that your number of post, and the number of people you are following do not exceed your number of followers. If I come across a profile with a ton of post I automatically think of my po’ timeline that will be flooded with one persons content.


Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 5.36.34 PM.png

OK! the fun part, the bio! This is where you tell people what you are all about! Looking at my bio- short and sweet yet informative and professional af.


less is more.

The first line is my tag line- letting people know that the content that they are about to view is all handmade- and intended only for boss ass self-made ass individuals.

The second line lets people know that i’m not new to the game…so, they can trust me with their order.

Location!!! duh this should be a no brainer but you will be surprised how many people don’t add their location on their profile. When people see something they like they want to know how close the item is to them! let them know shawty!


update: 5.17.19

Ok so I know i’ve been missing in action literally for the past few months, but I been busy testing what i’ve been preaching and I honestly gotta admit it, this entire course is accurate af. Everything has increased. i’m talking sales, resources, and yes girl followers too take a look below so I can tell you what else I learned during this time.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 2.25.44 PM.png

As you can see, over the last few months my page has grown +2000 followers. I know insane. All organic btw. My post are very limited like the pieces we sell, and who im following is getting smaller and smaller. This is the balance, to help you grow on Instagram for sure.

Here is what else i’ve discovered…


brand mood boards work.

Remember when we spoke about using a mood board to shape your brand’ss story? yeeeaaa those work! Now that my brand is moving farther along- that initial brand mood board I created is still what I use to this day! it helps me shape my content, and it makes what i’m going to post so much easier… here lets take a look.


I continued on with the crystal inspiration, through my handmade pieces, and kept the vibe pretty much the same…. but lets talk about my story.

giphy 3.gif

yup. your story = your brand.

Remember when we spoke about your brand being a reflection of your story. ooO Yea i’ve def discovered that. Listen, I use to think that the only way I would be accepted is if I would appeal to everyone- boy I was wrong and I have a million old post to prove it. Its all about bringing a part of you to the forefront and for me it’s admiring my blackness.


ooo this one was a super tough one for me! i’ve always been so literal so I never fully understood the concept of personal vs business like wasn’t the goal of a business to show the brand’s personality… like hello i’m the designer whats wrong with making some parts of the page personal? … that was literally my thinking a year ago… When I decided to rebrand myself this topic was up for discussion let me tell you what i’ve discovered.


Personal page.

Personal pages tell the world what you ate, where you are traveling too next, or the type of day you are having- typically things you would share with family, friends, and ugh some co-friends. As your brand grows, your personal page is almost like a reality show and in between commercials you advertise your product- don’t believe me …ask the Kardashians.

giphy-1 2.gif

business page.

Your business page is for your brand, not you! (trust me it took me a min to understand this) Your business page should mimic your brand’s aesthetic from the photos to the catchy words in your caption- everything needs to vibe and work together. If you are selling a product your business page can showcase the product being used in different situations showing your audience how versatile it maybe. Once you get into the swing of the things your captions can tell your brands story in a very relatable way.



For the longest I absolutely hated captions… I would have a bomb ass picture in my phone for days just because I couldn’t come up with an equally catchy caption. But let me put you up on game how to make captions best work for you.

Like i’ve stated.

When it comes to your brands page your caption should do at least one or more of the following.

  1. Tell your brand’s story.

  2. Engage with your following

  3. Direct followers to your site

  4. Direct followers to purchase

  5. Educate your followers

Tell your brand’s story.



Engage with your following.


Direct followers to your site.


Direct followers to purchase.

Image-1-4 2.jpeg





People often think if they can get their product on that one celebrity that somehow they will instantly take off, sadly that isn’t true.


Just because an influencer may have a million followers doesn’t mean that if they post your product that your brand will instantly sky rocket. You have to pay attention to more than their numbers you have to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Will their audience like my product?

2. Does my product align with their following ( Ex. influencer is known for styling clothes so people eagerly wait for their next post to see what their wearing)

3. Will I benefit from them wearing/using my product. (Remember when you send out your product, you are helping that influencer especially if your product aligns with their following! make sure you ask yourself will you benefit from it this. An example of you benefiting from them is maybe there is someone you admire that follows them if they post your work it will feel like an immediate referral…. you get it?

If you answered no to any of the questions above then understand that it may not benefit you sending out your product to that particular influencer/celebrity


if you answered yes

1. Make your presence known through a comment. Ex. You would look so fire in our CheyenneKimora Durag ( I know very simple, but believe it or not - were all human, were nosey- and if your product align with their interest you’ll be surprised what happens next.

2. Slide into their Dm’s- Personally I hate this option because if they aren’t following you, they will not be notified of your DM. So you can be sitting there for months behind lord knows how many people.

3. Send an Email- they have it in their bio for a reason, and believe it or not in 2019 you will beat the crowd by sending an email because you will be surprised how many people are not willing to type up an email!

Your msg/email should …

  1. Be short, and to the point.

  2. Should set the tone of your brand.(verbiage)

  3. Compliment the potential influencer in a unique way- I’ve been following you for quite some time, and I love….”

  4. Tell them about your brand and what you want to do with them ( you embody everything my brand is about I would love to gift you this durag- or make it business… I feel like you and your audience will genuinely love my product, What are your rates for posting.  


lets talk schmoney.

Don’t undersell yourself with an influencer their cool and all- but you are equally as cool. If you approach them as an equal they will treat you as such. If you approach them as a fan wanting to work with them get ready to send that check lol. I’m sorry but thats just how the world works.



If you are able to pull off a collab then by all means go for it. But, if the influencer is pretty straight forward and drop those rates then the ball is in your court. Personally I like to see longevity in any relationship I build with people. So when working with an influencer- I only work with them if there is an underlying friendship- we both appreciate one another’s craft- or we genuinely vibe- if it comes with a price- i’m sorry thats not the type of energy I build on. #fornow


update: As you grow.

It will get super exciting and you will soon receive all types of opportunities, which is all great- it means people are watching and loving your progress. But, what you have to understand is that every offer may not be right for you. Every ‘opportunity’ that comes your way may really not benefit you at all- it just may sound good. so be careful out there. Build genuine relationships and always ask yourself does you brand align with this offer? Does this offer benefit my brand in any way?


When it comes to pricing it could be a pretty sticky situation … like c’mon no one ever taught us this! This topic haunted me for years! Please let me save you some time. Please take the time to read this section because girl- it will gather your real quick.



When it came to pricing i’m not going to lie my upbringing reflected my price points. I imagined every customers as if they were me financially so even though deep down I knew my work deserved so much more- I settled because thats what you become accustom to doing when you’re already struggling- here are a few viewpoints I had on the dolla’ dollar’ bill y’all.


broke bitch.

When I first began my business my mentality was very “broke” I was struggling so I imagined how many of my followers were struggling- and even though my pieces were handmade and required hourssssss- I was cheating myself because of my thinking, and my prices reflected that. Starting your brand you have to know your worth, even if you yourself can’t afford your own pieces! just remember just because you can’t afford it…doesn’t mean someone else can’t!


desperate bitch.

Girl, young me was so desperate for orders that my dumb ass thought it was a great idea to create a broad price range for customers- one minute I would make a new piece and price it as low as $50 another min I was selling something for over $2,000 smh. Please excuse the young me she didn’t know any better. Likeeeee, You would rarely find two different tax brackets shopping in the same place. Know who you are catering to and do exactly that…cater to them. Walmart knows who their customer is- the area they live, and the amount of money they make- and so does Target.


zero confidence bitch.

Back then I knew I delivered a great quality product- but I lacked confidence, not only did I think I wasn’t capable of making past a certain amount of money (talking about locking yourself in your mind) I also thought that my pieces weren't good enough. I had to learn the hard way by staring at an empty bank account for months wondering how come my hard work wasn’t paying off- while other people are swimming in dough. Once you change your thinking- and stand by your pricing whether you can actually afford it or not- you will start to see that there is a larger moving world around you- and you can move past your circumstances in a positive way.

I really hope you guys have never experienced any of my insecurities- if so, I definitely understand but you have to honesty take all those negative vibes and tell yourself you are worth so much more- the moment you do, you will notice the difference. So now that we got our emotions out of the way lets get down to the nitty gritty…


I wish I had another chapter dedicated to pricing alone. The conversations would be endless. Here is a simple breakdown of what all she be factored into your price.


cost of materials.

This should be the first tier of your pricing. How much did it cost you to produce the product. The cost per button, cost per label, cost per yard…you get the idea.



Now that you tallied up cost of materials its time to include everybody and they mama to the price so you can keep the products coming, and keep some money in your pocket. in the clothing industry prices can easily be marked up to 110-350%. if you need help calculating that click the link to try out this profit margin calculator.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.33.22 AM.png

another option.

In case you are like me, and just need to see how everything is broken down lets break down this dress


So i’ve come across some pretty cool new resources that I think you’ll benefit from.

giphy 5.gif


I know the mantra is “ oOo I hate paying taxes” personally I think i’ve gotten so numb to the gov’ts hand in peoples hard earned money they I personally look forward to paying taxes as bizarre as it sounds. Think about it- you can make as much money as you want… but i’m (gov’t) your business partner lol and I need my cut.

My response: shit thats cool, as long as I get to make as much as I want. (idk about you, but there is freedom in that)

So make keeping track of your expenses easy and sign up for quickbooks self employment. Quickbooks self- employment is everything. I can link my bank accounts and keep track of every transaction by categorizing them by either personal or business, and it makes doing your taxes so easy!

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 5.02.05 PM.png


So awhile back I put you on to some fashion books to help you along -i’ve come across a very cute fashion brand to help us newbies. Below are the books that i’m waiting anxiously to arrive.

giphy 6.gif

last but not least…Swatches

If you live in a city that only has one fabric store I feel your pain girl. I def been there before, but just because you may live in a small city doesn’t mean that you are limited ooo no honey we move around all of our barriers around here! Fabric is so endless that even if you have 5 fabric stores in your city they still probably won’t sell all thats out there so here is a cool online place that not only offers swatches but shows in depth videos of each of their fabrics so you can see things like its density or if it has any stretch to it.

giphy 7.gif

🤭😭 Congrats Bo$s Babe. YOU DID IT.

I couldn’t send you off without a few extra pointers but the party doesn’t have to stop here. Would you like to keep the conversation going? have questions about any of the chapters? or are you looking for one on one mentorship with your girl CheyenneKimora, check out my phone plans below.



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