I figured I would create Conversations with CK so you guys can just hear my journey and my thoughts out loud. This may only help one person, but that's all that matters to me so anyways shall we begin.... 


1) Where are you from?

- Jupiter lol I wish...I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to South Florida when I was 5, moved to Orlando in high school, then moved back to New York in my mid 20's for a year then back to Orlando lol. I know it seems like a lot of moving but the reality is it was. But, each city has taught me so much and really shaped me to be the person I am today through my social experiences in each place. 

2) How did your parent take it when you decided to become a fashion designer?

Both of my parents were super supportive. My father was always creative, he owned his own silkscreen shop in both New York, and South Florida. My mom was always a perfectionist - she was a computer engineer for IBM as well as a businesswoman. So the typical story of parents and their kids future consist of the kid going to college to get into a field that they really don't enjoy but it provides them a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of their life. Whats funny is that aerospace engineering was my first choice, fashion for me then was just a hobby- I enjoyed everything about aviation, but I also enjoyed the idea of the life it would bring me even more. So I was actually the kid telling my mom why I need to go to college and get into a field that I really wouldn't enjoy, but it would provide me a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of my life. So she was actually disappointed but of course supportive that I was pursuing aerospace believe it or not. But, in time I got a job within aviation to see if I could even vibe in that space and believe it or not I was miserable then turned to fashion and even since both of my parents were super supportive. 

3) What inspired your most recent collection?

What inspired my most recent Summer collection is my obsession with space. hence the #ckuniverse. I started this theme with my brand at the end of 2017, and it's so funny how from the moment you are born you know exactly who you are. Growing up I was obsessed with stars, and space, and just natural elements something greater than what a man can create... and years later here it is playing a huge role in my brand, and now talking to you it makes sense that I was a major in aerospace engineering- the thought of being able to get out of space, to get away, to break barriers on an atmospheric level  must of excited me subconsciously...and even though I'm in the field of fashion- here I am still obsessed. 

Cheyenne Kimora