New York use to be my happy place- I use to run around the city until my feet hurt, with a portfolio half the size of me screaming that I’m a fashion designer, in the city I felt so free and without any boundaries without any limits, but like an ex- I moved on to bigger and better things. Almost four years ago I took my first trip to Cali and idk what it is maybe the people or the bomb ass weed. California embraced me and my talents in ways that always makes me come back for more. Even though I dread the 4.5 hour flight each way, I recently took my ass back out there from the 19th-28th of April and it was the most liberating trip. Instead of chasing the ‘bag’ I chased happiness. When I laughed I laughed hard, when I danced, I danced my heart out, and when I slept, I slept peacefully.

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Cheyenne Kimora