Who wants to pay for over priced foundation? been there, done that! I have tried brands like MAC which is no bueno for sensitive skin like my own, to even fairly inexpensive foundation from Mary Kay- I'm not going to lie Mary Kay had me for a little minute, but I got tired of playing "meet up" and nooooo I don't want to see the new catalog, no I don't want to sell makeup, just plllleeeaassseeee give me my damn foundation! ( LMAO dramatic inner but real thoughts). Anyways, I give thanks to my friend Nikki, for this gem...

This here 'li baby' (in my New Orleans voice) is the 'Maybelline Fit Me!' This foundation has no oils, no waxes, and its non-comedogenic which I learned won't clog your pores! 

Price Tag: The cheapest place to snag this is at Walmart for $5.94 yea I said it $5.94 or if you are feeling bougie you can head over to Ulta and pay a whopping $7.99

Hack: For my foundation base I purchased 'Coconut' but the hack is to to also buy the 'Mocha' for contouring- bet you didn't think about that! 

Cheyenne Kimora